On February 21, 2019, the AICC (Austrian Israeli Chamber of Commerce) and JConnect invited to the „Cyber Security and Big Data“ Workshop. 

Rina Barbut first shared her astonishing professional career. Before starting her own company, she worked for companies like Eset, Nice Systems and Microsoft. As she is particularly well connected in Europe and Israel, it was of great importance to her to connect her network with her profession. Her aim has always been to connect young Jewish professionals and that is how her company JConnect was born.

Afterwards, Rina Barbut brought us closer to the problems with Big Data and the major challenges of Cyber Security in the contemporary world. She showed us how often one comes in contact with technologies and how much data is being disclosed. We were told to pay attention to what kind of data (home address, age…) we share on the Internet. Even though cyber security tries to protect computer systems and programs from unauthorized access, it is still important to be aware that a great damage can be caused, if personal data gets into third hands.

In the end of the workshop 2 groups were formed. The different processes that will be relevant in the course of founding a start-up were discussed in the team. At this point, the participants of the workshop also had the opportunity to share their experiences and points of view.

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